Today as you read this, we are all worshiping something or someone, at Calvary we confess and believe the only one worthy of worship is the God of the Bible. Worship is an end in itself, it is not the means to some other objective (ie. evangelism, church growth, unity). We understand from scripture that all of life is to be an act of worship to the creator, but also understand a public aspect of worship for the gathered church.


Whether you are a family of a 3-year-old, a single parent with teenagers, a grandmother of twelve, or any other combination; Calvary wants to partner with you in the spiritual development of the next generation. We desire to equip parents and other influencers in the family; thereby supplementing the spiritual training that God commands to occur in Christian homes.


We are a family of everyday missionaries who make disciples. Sometimes that's across the street, other times it's across the world. Check out how we answer Jesus' call to go make disciples.


"Go and make disciples." As Jesus' last words, the Great Commission expresses His greatest passion and top priority. Disciple-making is, and always has been, Jesus' plan A for the church and there is no plan B. Robby Gallaty has accurately stated, "A return to biblical discipleship will enact the reformation of the 21st century." If the church is going to be good at anything, it needs to be making disciples of Jesus Christ because this is its fundamental reason for existence. When God brings history to an end, disciple-making is the only cause that will matter. Come join us on our disciple-making journey!

Calvary Life

Jesus tells us that people will know his disciples by their love for one another (John 13:35). As we serve one another and our community in love, we identify ourselves as disciples of Jesus. How can we show the love of Christ to you and your family?

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