The Student Ministry at Calvary exists to glorify God by joining with the family in the process of discipling students who will then go make disciples, transforming our city and our world.

Middle School Discipleship Pathway

During the middle school years, our focus in all we do and teach your student is to help them to come to a fuller understanding of the gospel, their new identity "in Christ", their identity with the church family, and their journey of growing up in the grace of Jesus and deepening their relationship with Him. We want all our middle school students to "Grow" in the Gospel of Grace! We simplify this down to these three things:

I Grasp the Gospel

I Choose the Gospel

I Practice the Gospel

High School Discipleship Pathway

Our focus and aim of discipleship of High Schoolers is to move students along in the maturing process of a disciple that goes from a solely self-focus of growth and learning to an "others first" mindset and heart for serving that we cultivate by encouraging our students to "own" their faith, their responsibility to serve and use their gifts in the body of Christ, and their purpose of making disciples in the world. We simplify this down to these three statements:

I'm A Disciple Making Disciple

I Have a God-Centered World-View

I'm Living A God-Centered Purpose