Families Count

What is Families Count?

As financial pitfalls, drugs, alcohol, stress, depression, and other barriers invade a family’s life, many parents find themselves at-risk of being separated, or already separated, from their children.

The median amount of time a child spends in foster care is just over one year. We know through research statistics that a child who grows up without a stable home environment and without parents is more likely to have negative socio-economic, cognitive, and academic outcomes.

We also know God designed the family unit as a place of healing and safety for children. And a broken family needs the support, healing, mercy, and guidance from God’s people.

Through Families Count, local churches have a platform to minister to and walk with broken families to help them be restored and preserved.

For the Family

A 6-week parenting class is court mandated, so all families seeking restoration must participate in one. Families Count is a biblically-based court approved class.

For the Child

Children are not only impacted by the growth and healing they see in their parents, but are often also able to attend church activities while their parents are in class.

For the Church

Families Count equips church members to minister to at-risk families, and provides a platform to reach them.

How you can participate in this Ministry

  • Volunteer to serve as a mentor during a 6-week session of classes, meeting with your mentee at least once outside of the classroom per week.
  • Volunteer to help with childcare or meals at the church on the nights classes meet.
  • Pray for the families attending classes.
  • Get trained as Co-Leaders to lead additional sessions of classes as needed.
  • Advocate for the ministry in the church for more volunteers, and for its success outside the church to judges, social workers, or other at-risk communities.

Get Involved

Use the form below if you have any questions about Families Count or if you would like to get involved in this ministry.