Calvary Baptist Church Legacy Fund

In 1953, a vision- and mission-minded group of people from the First Baptist Church of Dothan followed God’s leadership and established a new church in a field in the northwest part of our city. This newly planted church was able to take root and grow because of God’s goodness and the generous gifts from that small group of founding members. These faithful brothers and sisters gave with love, faith, and sacrifice because they believed in the work of the gospel and the potential of this church to impact future generations for the Kingdom of God.

They entrusted this Legacy to us.

Their example of selfless stewardship still stands as an example for us today. Believing that all that we are and all that we have belongs to God, they chose to wisely use what God entrusted to them to be a blessing for others – then, now, and for many years yet to come.

Now, it’s our turn.

Nearing our 70th year as a vibrant church in this city, God has used us for His glory and for the good of many. From our local efforts of sharing the love of Christ in the city, to our missional reach to the nations, we have experienced God’s blessings, encouraged believers, and reached the lost. Believing that God has called us to be a family of everyday missionaries, it’s time for us to think about what’s next.

It’s time for us to create our Legacy.

God has called us to be a Family of Everyday Missionaries, and just like a family, our church is full of members who have a variety of gifts, passions, and even affinity for different mission fields. Calvary’s Mission Fields is our way of supporting one another in the shared mission of God to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” We believe we are stronger together because of prayer, encouragement, and financial support that extends our impact in Dothan and around the World.

This Legacy Book detail what Calvary is currently doing in our 5 Mission Fields, but imagine if we could do even more.

Download Calvary Legacy Book

To do this, together we must consider our calling to live out the Great Commission and the long-term stewardship that requires. To make the impact we dream of, for God, for Dothan, and for the world, we will be required to offer more than our current tithes and offerings. It will compel us to reconsider what a holistic view of stewardship really looks like.  Only then can we create the Legacy we believe God is calling us to leave.

Calvary’s Legacy Fund is our commitment to the future of our church and to the generations of tomorrow.  And as a member of Calvary, you have the opportunity to accelerate your impact through Legacy Planning.  The first step to a meaningful Legacy is creating an intentional plan that demonstrates your faith and supports the people and causes you care about most.  Having an up-to-date will that reflects the values and the priorities the Lord has instilled in you throughout your lifetime is one of the most loving things you can do for your family.  Legacy Planning allows us to look at literally everything we consider “ours’’ through the lens of stewardship – what is God calling us to do with all that He has entrusted to us?

Planning for your Legacy may include finalizing or updating your will under the prayerful guidance of God, or making a charitable gift to the Kingdom during your lifetime and until Jesus returns.  Stewarding God’s blessings like this is one of the best ways you can ensure that our church’s mission and vision will thrive for years to come.

What will be our legacy?

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