Our Aim as a church is to be a family of everyday missionaries who make disciples.

We believe and teach that all who are called to salvation are called to discipleship—no exceptions, no excuses.

A disciple is someone who obediently responds to the call to follow Christ, increasingly takes on the character of Christ, and joyfully accepts the commission of Christ to the world.

Discipleship then is the intentional activity of leading people to follow Jesus, become like Jesus, and live like Jesus.

That also requires each of us to identify our own personal mission fields and to engage those mission fields appropriately and consistently with the gospel. As we live as everyday missionaries, building relationships for the purpose of sharing the gospel, we will see people come to Christ.

As people come to Christ through our intentional, relational, gospel engagement with them, we endeavor to:

A) Continue with them in an intentional discipling relationship centered on the Word of God and prayer in the context of accountability where the Christ-life is explained and modeled. This life-on-life would typically take place in a one-to-one, one-to-two, or one-to-three mentoring environment or in a very small D-Group made up of no more than 6-8 persons.

B) Connect them to a small group (“Life Group”) where they can experience biblical community with the purpose of loving support, assimilation into the body/church, and the practical application of truth.

C) Celebrate with them in a gathering of corporate worship centered on the Word of God for the worship of God.

Our basic idea is to be simple and synergistic.

When a follower of Jesus Christ commits to gather with other believers for God-honoring worship, connect meaningfully with a small group in biblical community, and relate personally with one to a few others with the intention of imparting one’s life, God’s Word and the gospel, then a “sweet spot” for spiritual growth and maturity happens.

The “sweet spot” should result in the development of a new “Everyday Missionary” who will replicate the process with another person.

This is our discipleship pathway.